My name is Tyler and I am a musician from Florida. I decided to create this account to hopefully get my music and covers out there for more people to listen to (as it's not that easy to get a lot of views on YouTube). This account is not only for my music though, all tumblr can submit videos or mp3s to me of themselves or friends doing vocal covers or full band covers. I hope to one day make this tumblr a big thing :D

Christina is a singer/pianist I found on the internet a while back, and quite frankly she is honestly one of the best female singers I have heard in a very long time. Check out her channel on YouTube:

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This is the final pre-production version of one of my songs entitled “This Time Around”.


Did you think I had forgotten?

Did you think you could get away with everything that you have done?

It’s not gonna be as easy this time around.

You better watch your back for I have returned.

Your god won’t save you now.

The chilling, aching pain that you feel is incomparable to visions in my head…

Of the hell that is dealt by my hands

Of the torture in store for you.

No mercy for scum like you.

You’re just another useless trick.

This is all your fault.

Be prepared for eternal suffering.

Be prepared for your time is up.

This is your fault.


Me doing a cover of MyChildren MyBride’s “On Wings of Integrity”.

There’s no video to it because I didn’t have a camera at the time.

So i just took the original song and used Audacity to remove the vocals, inserted the wav file into Cool Edit Pro 2.1, and used that to record my vocals to the original track.


Me doing a vocal cover of Rose Funeral’s “God Hand Killer”.